The best way is to register online. Please note, you will not be able to pay with a check by registering online. If you would like to pay by check, please download a PDF form to complete and mail in with your payment.

We are able to keep our registration prices low by encouraging our 6,000+ attendees to self-register online, thus freeing our staff to focus on high-level planning and preparation. In rare instances, we may at our discretion issue an invoice or purchase order upon request, but in the vast majority of cases, we cannot accommodate this request.

If your organization requires prior approval for payment, please refer to the registration fees to create your own purchase order. Note there are no service fees or taxes in addition to the posted registration rates.

Yes! If registering online, please select the Hybrid option. (Be sure you select the option with the number of days you want to attend in person: one, two, or all three). If registering by mail, select BOTH an in-person option (purple box) and the hybrid add-on (green box).

Yes. Not only is this your primary identifier to ensure all your information (contact details, past registrations, payments, membership, etc.) is linked to you, but you will also use it to log in to the MVC Virtual Platform. Please DO NOT unsubscribe from/opt out of emails from OVMA/MVC, as this will prevent you from receiving your login information.

Providing your cell phone number allows us to send Virtual MVC login codes by text message as well as email, giving you more flexibility in how you sign on to the virtual platform. It is not required, so if you do not provide this, these codes will be sent via email only.

Virtual attendees have six months of access to all recorded sessions (view complete list) and the Virtual Exhibit Hall, as well as the online conference proceedings and MVC mobile app.

No, multiple individuals may not share a single registration. Doing so is a violation of the MVC's terms and conditions.

Aside from this, keep in mind that your access information is unique to you and can only be used to log in on one device at a time. Furthermore, the virtual platform tracks your usage, so allowing someone else to view videos from your account will alter your own CE record.

Be advised, only paid registrants can claim CE verification for license renewal purposes; OVMA will NOT verify CE for anyone who is not registered.

Please refer to the MVC's Cancellation Policy for complete information regarding cancellation deadlines, refunds, and transferring a registration.

No, you do not need to select individual sessions you plan to view online. The virtual platform will track your activity.

However, if you require captions in order to participate, please select the sessions you will be watching, so MVC can make arrangements to accommodate you. You also need to complete the ADA Special Accommodations section requesting this service.

If you require captions in order to participate in the Virtual MVC, please complete the ADA Special Accommodations section requesting this service AND select the sessions you will be watching.

For more registration-related questions, please see the Registration FAQs page.

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Continuing Education

The virtual MVC is not live. The sessions available on the MVC Virtual Platform are recorded at the live in-person conference. They will be available on demand beginning Feb. 24.

No, all recorded sessions will be available to virtual attendees. For a complete list of sessions that will be recorded, click here.

The Virtual MVC will offer 120 hours of CE. However, the amount you may use toward your license renewal varies by state and entity. In Ohio, veterinarians may claim up to 15 hours of online CE, and technicians may claim up to 6.

Please check with your state's licensing board to determine how many hours of online, pre-recorded CE you can claim.

For more CE-related questions, please see the Education FAQs page.

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The Virtual MVC Platform

More details on the Virtual Platform will be posted in January.
Additional Questions

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