Volunteering at the MVC

Many MVC speakers request a session moderator to introduce and assist them during their presentations. This is your chance to meet your favorite speakers and help the MVC run smoothly!

What is a Session Moderator?

A Session Moderator is an attendee who serves as an "ambassador" to one or more speakers. They remain in the room while the speaker presents in case they need assistance. Duties include:

  • Introduces the speaker using a prepared script
  • Troubleshoots any issues that arise, such as room problems or audio/visual difficulties
  • Locates the appropriate staff members if a speaker needs anything
  • Monitors how much time remains in the session to keep the speaker on schedule

Bonus #1! Moderators are also invited to join their speakers for lunch on the day(s) they volunteer.

Bonus #2! Attendees who sign up as a moderator by Feb. 9 will be entered in a raffle to win one of four $50 Amazon gift cards!

How to Sign Up

Any attendee is invited to become a moderater, but you must be registered on the day(s) you volunteer. Please refer to your confirmation email for the access code needed to log in.

To see which sessions still need moderators and to sign up, click the Volunteer Now button below.