Call for Speakers

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There is no specific limit on the number of hours you can speak at the Conference, but we do require that out-of-state speakers present at least six hours of sessions and/or labs.

Be brief, but provide enough information that the education committees are able to get a good sense of what information you will be presenting. Your session information need not be shared in its entirety; if you are accepted, you will be asked to submit a complete and detailed description for all your sessions.

Contract & Registration

Should your plans change, please contact us as soon as possible so other arrangements can be made.

Speakers who present three or more hours may attend the live MVC and gain access to the Virtual MVC for free. However, any programs that require an additional fee are excluded from the complimentary speaker registration.

Speakers who present two hours or less and receive an honorarium will enjoy complimentary registration the day on which they speak and access to the Virtual MVC. To attend the rest of the Conference, these speakers may "upgrade" for a fee of $100.

If the nature of the speaker’s position precludes accepting an honorarium, they may receive a complimentary full or one-day registration at the discretion of the OVMA executive director.

Speakers are automatically registered during the online contract submission process. No separate registration form is required.

On the Speaker Information page of the online registration and contract submission process, we require speakers to provide their prefix, first name, nickname, and credentials, among other things. While some of these seem redundant (e.g., first name and badge first name) or may not apply to you (e.g., prefix and credentials), we need these details to properly populate your information for marketing materials and your name badge.

When you submit your contract and registration, your confirmation email will contain a modify registration link, along with a unique confirmation number. Click the link, enter your email address and confirmation number, then click the Modify button. The system will take you through each step of the registration process, during which you can make changes to any of your original submissions, including modifying your contact information and/or registering for sessions and other programs.

If you would like to bring another person to attend sessions with you, please have them register as an attendee. If you just want to take them into the Exhibit Hall, you may purchase an Exhibit Hall pass on site for $25 per person. Guests under 18 may accompany you free of charge but still need to obtain a badge.

Submission Items

All items should be submitted online via the Speaker Resource Center.

Please see the "Materials Guidelines" section of the Speaker Kit for information regarding length, style, and content requirements, as well as examples.

Please see the "Materials Guidelines" section of the Speaker Kit when preparing your session documents.

Note: If you use the MVC presentation template, your PowerPoint will automatically meet the materials guidelines.

Yes, the MVC has created a template for PowerPoint and Keynote for your use. Please see the "Materials Guidelines" section of the Speaker Kit to download your preferred version.

If your presentation does not warrant scientific notes, you are welcome to provide other documents, provided they are not commercial in nature. Please combine all supplemental materials into one file (such as a PDF) prior to uploading.

  • Log in to the Speaker Resource Center.
  • On the Tasks page, click on Upload Your Conference Proceedings Materials.
  • Click the blue Upload File button.
  • In the popup box, click Upload File, find your first file, and select the session it should be associated to.
    • Note: If your sessions are being recorded, be sure to select both sessions! (The virtual session will have the same number but be prefaced with a V.)
  • Click Save and Add to upload more documents to your session. If you have no more documents, click Save.
  • Repeat for each session.
  • When finished, mark the task complete.

Compensation & Amenities

Speakers will be paid an honorarium of $350 per hour of in-person presentation and submission of PowerPoint Presentation(s) and/or Scientific Notes. Checks are mailed within 15 days of the conclusion of the live MVC.

If the nature of the your position precludes accepting an honorarium, please denote as such in your speaker agreement.

Yes, all speakers enjoy complimentary lunch on the day(s) they are speaking. Those who present 6+ hours will receive a breakfast voucher. More information will be provided in your on-site packet.

Note: If you have any dietary restrictions, please denote as such on the correct form in the Speaker Resource Center.

The MVC provides the following standard A/V equipment in each session room. If you need additional equipment, or if you plan to bring your own laptop, please denote as such in the A/V request form.

  • Windows-based laptop and charging cord
  • Wireless lavalier microphone
  • LCD projector & screen
  • Slide advancer/clicker

Please note, dedicated Internet is not provided in the session rooms.

All speakers will receive the MVC Conference Proceedings (including Scientific Notes and PowerPoint presentations) on flash drive.

Travel & Accommodations

Please refer to the "Policies" section of the Speaker Kit for travel and acccommodations details.

Flight Arrangements

All speakers who indicated they would be traveling by air to the MVC will receive an invitation to TravelPerk, the MVC's flight reservation platform. These instructions will be emailed in October.

NOTE: If you can't remember when you are speaking, please refer to your speaker contract to confirm your specific speaking arrangments BEFORE making your flight request. Your contract is included in your contract submission confirmation email, or you may log in to the Speaker Service Center to review it.

Hotel Accommodations

If you are eligible for hotel accommodations, we will make the reservation for you unless you contact us to opt out.

Once your reservation has been made, you will receive a confirmation email. We ask that you verify the information therein for accuracy, and either confirm the details or let us know of any changes or corrections.

OVMA will make hotel reservations directly with the Hyatt for the number of nights requested in your travel request form, and you will receive confirmation of your reservation in late December or early January. Airfare confirmations are sent when the flight is booked following the Nov. 14 request deadline.

If you should need to make any changes to air travel or hotel reservations, please contact us as soon as possible.

Registering for Sessions & Events

Yes! All speakers will have access to the Virtual MVC. Additionally, speakers who present more than three hours get complimentary registration to the entire live MVC, and those who speak less than three hours get complimentary registration on the day they present. The latter group may upgrade to a full conference registration for $100.

The submission of your speaker contract functions as your registration. You do not need to do anything else.

Speakers are permitted to attend sessions and labs, as well as special events, as space allows. Please note, labs and special events are not included in your complimentary registration, so you will be responsible for any additional fees.

How to Modify Your Registration

  1. Click here and then click on "Registrant Login" in the top right corner. Refer to your confirmation email for the access code, or simply request it to be re-sent to you.
  2. Once logged in, click the "Modify Registration" button and follow the prompts.
  3. Pay special attention to the sections highlighted in yellow, as these have been added in the time since you submitted your contract.
    • Page 2: Mobile App Preferences — Choose whether you want your profile to be included in the attendee list, whether you would like other atendees to be able to send you in-app messages, and provide your cell phone number for verification codes.
    • Page 3: If you are speaking less than 3 hours and would like to have access to the full conference, select the speaker registration upgrade option.
    • Page 4: Session & Event selection — Choose the tracks and/or select individual sessions you would like to attend. This can be modified later if you change your mind.
  4. You can skip over the sections you've already completed. Keep clicking Next until you get to the payment page. If you chose any upgrades, you will either need to input your credit card information or have the amount deducted from your honorarium.
  5. Click Finish & Submit to complete the process. (If you do not, your changes will not be saved!)

Recording a Promo Podcast

Fully Vetted is OVMA's podcast. The MVC Preview Series is a collection of speaker interviews aimed at enticing attendees to register for the Conference and generate interest in the educational content.

No, participation is optional.

Visit our scheduler to select a 30-minute time slot.

The amount of time it will take to record the segment depends largely on you, how many sessions you are presenting, and how detailed you want to get. In most cases, it will take less than 30 minutes.

You do not need to prepare anything, other than refreshing your memory on your sessions. The interview will follow this basic format:

  1. Speaker introduction — share some background about yourself, such as:
    • Your education and certifications
    • How you came to be interested/involved in the subject matter you will be speaking on
    • Why you enjoy the subject matter
  2. Session topics — brief/general overview of subject matter you’ll be discussing at the MVC
  3. Highlights — discuss a few key specifics to pique interest, such as:
    • Surprising or interesting statistics
    • New research in a specific area
    • A unique methodology or new approach
    • Attendee focus: Who the target audience is, what participants will learn, how they will benefit, etc.
  4. Where attendees can find/connect with you online (if applicable)

To listen to past promo episodes and get an idea of the format, please visit the Fully Vetted website.

If you would like to record an episode outside the context of the MVC, please submit an episode proposal for consideration. We are always on the lookout for new guests and topics!

Due to time constraints, we cannot share episodes prior to release. However, we can let you know when the episode is scheduled to go live. Just ask us during your recording to give you a heads up.

Virtual MVC

No, OVMA offers approximately 30 percent of MVC programming in an online format for attendees who wish to participate virtually. Select speakers are invited to participate, based on the relevance and expected popularity of their sessions.

Your sessions will be recorded live as you present them at the conference; no additional time or effort is required of you.

Presentation Tips

  • An audiovisual crew will be in the session room at all times to manage the technical aspects of recording. Please follow their instructions and direct any logistical questions you have to them.
  • You will need to use the laptop provided by the AV company during your recorded presentations.
  • You will be required to use the lavaliere or handheld mic throughout the presentations.
  • When answering questions, please repeat the question prior to answering to ensure it is recorded.

After Your Presentation

  • At the conclusion of the conference, your session recordings will be uploaded to our web-based platform, where they will be available to virtual attendees for six months, beginning on Feb. 26.
  • All speakers have complimentary access to the Virtual MVC.

Because of logistics, we cannot offer a live-streaming option. Therefore, yes, you will still need to present your sessions live at the MVC for in-person attendees.

No, all speakers must present in person, even if their sessions are being offered virtually.

No. Because of time limitations, the A/V team will begin processing the recordings immediately after your presentation. Once they are complete, they will be uploaded directly to the virtual platform.

Only MVC attendees who have registered for the virtual portion of the conference will be able to view your recorded sessions. Unregistered users will not be able to access the content.

Your sessions will remain on the virtual platform for a maximum of six months before they are removed.

No, attendees will not be able to download and save your video recordings from the virtual platform. However, any supplemental materials you provide (PowerPoint presentations and/or scientific notes) will be available for download.

Please note that, although the MVC terms and conditions prohibit attendees from physically recording speakers and their sessions (e.g., with a smartphone camera), we cannot prevent virtual attendees from doing so.

Yes. If you would like a copy, please contact us after the conference. Please note, these recordings are for personal use only; you may not re-sell or distribute them.