Speakers will be paid an honorarium of $350 per hour of in-person presentation and submission of PowerPoint Presentation(s) and/or Scientific Notes.

Expenses Reimbursement

A flat travel stipend is provided in lieu of actual speaker out-of-pocket expenses. You do not need to submit any receipts or documentation to receive this stipend.

Registration & Amenities

Speakers who present more than two hours of sessions and/or labs may attend the entire conference for free. Speakers who present two hours or less receive complimentary MVC registration on the day(s) they present. (Note: This does not include hands-on labs.)

Speakers receive a copy of the conference proceedings flash drive upon arrival.

Speakers also receive complimentary meals on the day(s) they present.

Travel & Accommodations

Out-of-State Speakers

To have your airfare paid for by OVMA, your reservation must be made through OVMA's designated travel agent (see below). Flight requests must be made by Nov. 15.

If you choose to not use the designated travel agent, we regret that we cannot cover your airfare.

A request for a specific airline will be honored if doing so does not increase the cost of the flight or the speaker agrees to pay the differential.

If you do not need a flight, OVMA will cover your mileage at the current IRS reimbursement rate not to exceed $400 total.

OVMA will pay hotel room and tax for those nights reflective of the speaking engagement. Additional nights shall be covered by the speaker.

Designated Travel Agent

AAA Ohio

Agent: Amy Schneider

Phone: 740-881-4400 ext. 53903
Email: [email protected]

Ohio Speakers

If the speaker resides in Ohio but outside Central Ohio (defined as Franklin and its contiguous counties), and speaks at least three hours, the OVMA will:

  • Pay the hotel room and tax of the speaker for those nights reflective of the speaking engagement. (Additional nights will be covered by the speaker.)
  • Pay the mileage from their home city to Columbus at the IRS reimbursable rate.
  • Speakers who reside within Central Ohio will receive a flat $15 travel stipend to cover parking and mileage.