Sponsor Prospectus

levels & benefits

Without your support, we couldn't execute a conference of this size and caliber. Here's how we thank our sponsors for their generous contributions that allow us to continue our tradition of exceptional education.

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Sponsorship Level





Investment $20,000+ $10,000–$19,999 $3,000–$9,999 Up to $2,999
Value of Marketing Add-Ons $8,250 $3,250 $250
Recognition in two issues of OVMA Newsletter 1
Recognition on Social Media
Online Sponsor Feature
Recognition in Conference Proceedings 2
On-Site Signage
Recognition in Conference Proceedings
Recognition in Registration and On-Site Programs3
Appreciation Points 10 5 3 1
Company profile page in Mobile App
Promotional PDF in Virtual Tote Bag section of mobile app
($250 value)
On-Site Program Ad Full Page
($3,500 value)
Half Page
($2,000 value)
Registration Program Ad Half Page
($2,000 value)
Pre-MVC Mailing List 4
(Appx. $500 value)
Post-MVC Mailing List
(Appx. $500 value)
Banner Ad in Mobile App 6 seconds
($1,000 value)
3 seconds
($500 value)
Priority crate return at the end of show hours (If exhibiting)
VIP Concierge Booth Service provided by show decorator (If exhibiting)
Mobile App Push Notification
($500 value)

Note: Sponsors enjoy additional benefits depending on which sponsorship opportunities they select.

1. One pre- and one post-MVC issue, if sponsorship commitment made by Nov. 15 and Jan. 31, respectively.
2. If sponsorship commitment made by Dec. 31.
3. If sponsorship commitment made by Oct. 15 and Jan. 15, respectively.
4. If sponsorship commitment made by Jan 15.