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Cutting-edge topics for the entire team.
As one of the largest veterinary conferences in the U.S., the MVC is an ideal place to fulfill your CE requirements. Attendees of all backgrounds and job descriptions can take advantage of 300+ hours of cutting-edge lectures, workshops, and hands-on labs covering a wide range of topics.


Veterinary experts from around the globe.
At the MVC, you will learn from the best! We bring together dozens of nationally and internationally renowned speakers, who present the most current, cutting-edge information on dozens of topics from the veterinary world.


The latest and greatest in veterinary products and services.
Year after year, attendees state they learn just as much outside the lecture hall as they do inside. With nearly 200 exhibitors offering product demos, samples, services, and more, you're sure to find plenty of useful ideas and technology for your clinic—so be sure to stop by during designated hall hours!


Make connections outside the classroom.
At the MVC, it's not just about working hard—it's also about having fun! As part of the Conference, attendees are invited to a variety of social and networking events. And, if you'd like to get out and explore Columbus, there's so much to do that you definitely won't be bored!


Big event, small price tag.
The MVC offers an exceptional amount of high-quality education for registration fees far below other regional and national veterinary conferences. Go ahead and compare—you'll easily see how MVC stands out against the competition!

Attendee Testimonials

MVC was a life-changing experience.

My passion has only grown after attending this conference, and I am now pursuing a bachelor's in criminal justice. I am going to continue my education until I can do everything I can to help animals in need. The speakers I had, honestly, changed my life.

Kylie W., Student
2020 Attendee

I have been to this conference almost every year since I discovered it about 20 years ago. In my opinion, it rates higher than national conferences.

Rick D., Veterinarian
2020 Attendee

I cannot thank you enough for having an affordable conference with excellent content. I come every year. Thank you for all you do and see you next year!

Krysta S., Veterinarian
2020 Attendee

It’s just a real good meeting. I’ve been to Vegas (it’s too big) and Colorado (no real options). Midwest is like Goldilocks: Just right!

Kurt J., Veterinarian
2022 Attendee

I liked the variety of the topics offered.

As someone who is mixed animal / companion animal, I had plenty of options. I also appreciated that the topics were varied in skillset and not at such a “high level” that it wouldn’t be practical knowledge for me.

Andrea P., Veterinarian
2022 Attendee


I did not need to close my clinic down to attend; my techs and I were able to see appointments around the sessions. I did not need to choose between several sessions that were equally valuable or interesting—I was able to attend all of them!

Carol N., Veterinarian
2021 Virtual Attendee